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Auto da Fé is a medieval horror-themed roguelike. The features are:

  • Class-less, experience-less progression
  • Dark, moral and philosophical plot
  • 2D, top-down, animated and static sprite graphics
  • Procedural generation of levels
  • Unlockable levels by winning playthroughs
  • LibGDX-backend for browser and desktop support (possibilities of mobile as well)

It's also in mewling alpha. Most early development progress will be reported on "Sharing Saturdays" at the RoguelikeDev subreddit.

Version 0.0.2

  • Fixed wall tile rendering
  • FOV implemented
  • Movement changed to vi keys (hjklyunm)
  • Quick save and quick load implemented (F5 and F8), creates local save.txt

Version 0.0.1

  • Title screen mockup
  • Arrow key movement
  • Animation prototype (try moving into a wall)
  • Obstacle-aware movement
  • Mock tileset is DawnLike (DawnHack/DawnBringer/DragonDePlatino @ opengameart.org)

Install instructions

JRE (Jave Run-time Environment) 1.7 or later is required to run. Double-click on jar to execute (in Windows).


autodafe-0.0.2.jar 8 MB


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Is there anything to do here? I can navigate to some red and white thing in the centre but hit every button on my keyboard and nothing happens. Is the one map all there is at the moment?